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Inside the Boiler Room

Apr 18, 2020

This episode of Inside the Boiler Room features Larry Day, President & CEO of Nationwide Boiler sharing his insights on the world of rental boilers that has significant relevance during the COVID-19 crisis with boilers near capacity at many hospitals and food processing facilities.

After listening to this podcast, you will understand what an important role the boiler rental sector plays for many end-users of our products. If you are not familiar with rental boilers and use boilers for any reason, the knowledge from this podcast may come in handy in the future.

Nationwide is a member of the ABMA’s Rental Group. Below is a link to each of our rental companies.

Cleaver-Brooks Sales & Service

Nationwide Boiler

Power Mechanical

Powerhouse Equipment

Wabash Power


We discussed the basics of rental boilers and why an end-user would need a rental boiler. These boilers can also be categorized as mobile boiler units or boiler trailers and we may be using them interchangeably during the episode.

You might think that rental boilers are only for emergencies but Larry stated the rental business has evolved and only about 15% of their business is emergencies, many are planned outages or seasonal needs for additional steam and hot water.

Beyond the basics, we discussed how end-users can prepare for outreach to rental companies to expedite the process and the importance of preparing the site for the rental delivery.

We wrapped up our conversation discussing potential challenges with different technology and maintenance of the rental boiler system.

During the episode, Larry mentions ABMA’s Guidelines to Rental Boilers which is a great resource for end-users.

To learn more about Nationwide Boiler, please visit their website at the link above or find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter, @SteamNow.

For more information, on ABMA, check out our social media channels with #ABMABoiler or visit our website at