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Inside the Boiler Room

Mar 9, 2020

Kevin Choi from UL LLC joins us for Episode #16 of Inside the Boiler Room. 

This episode is sponsored by Webster Combustion Technology. Webster is a long-standing member of ABMA and a leader in burner technology for the boiler industry. For more details on Webster, please visit their web site at

The podcast begins with an overview of what makes UL unique and an effective third-party and then a discussion of how UL partners with manufacturers throughout the listing process and what UL listed products should mean to the boiler end-user. The conversation concludes with a discussion about the importance of proper maintenance and staying current with today’s standards and technology.

To learn more about UL, visit On their homepage, you can search for boilers and their Product IQ feature shared in the podcast. 

For more information, on ABMA, check out our social media channels with #ABMABoiler or visit our website at